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TOP used forklifts

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VZV GROUP - Used forklift truck, used forklifts and material handling equipment

We are a supplier of the used forklift trucks of a huge variety of brands, types, capacities and manufacturers like Linde, Toyota Material Handling, Still-MH and others. We provide pallet trucks, pallet stackers, reach trucks, counterbalance forklifts, side loaders, rough terrain forklifts, platforms as well as telescopic manipulators. You can choose from the huge variety of diesel forklifts, gas forklifts or electric forklifts and also from many brands. We offer especially the forklifts of brands Linde, Jungheinrich, Toyota and BT, but you can also find many other brands like TCM, Nissan or Clark in our offer there.

Our websites are daily updated, so that you always find the actual offer of used forklift trucks for sale there.

Alongside the sale of used forklift trucks, we also provide a forklift rental, we sell the used forklift attachments like clamps, rotators, fork positioners or reach forks, as well as new accessory equipment like forklift forks, forklift tyres, fork shoes, battery chargers and others.

Forklift trucks Still

The lift trucks of the German brand Still are favourite and often sought products in the Czech Republic. Material handling equipment of the brand Still is made laying stress on quality, comfort, efficiency and handling simplicity. Owing to this fact Still forklifts are considered to the high-quality material handling equipment, which is available in the rich number also in our offer.

Forklift trucks Toyota

The other brand well-known on the Czech trade market is Toyota. Toyota forklifts are used especially in hard industrial areas because of the high-quality and sophisticated technological construction of these machines. Because of the constructional simplicity Toyota material handling equipment is not difficult from the viewpoint of service. Toyota lift trucks are very popular not only in the Czech Republic. Therefore Toyota forklift trucks are an important part of our offer of the used forklifts.

Forklift trucks BT

The European manufacturers Toyota Material Handling have begun to specialize in distribution of material handling equipment BT. Both forklift trucks and pallet trucks BT are regarded as very good machines from the viewpoint of safety, endurance, handling simplicity and low operating costs. As a result of the increasing interest in BT forklifts, this brand is freely available in our stock.

Forklift trucks Linde

The major part of the used forklift trucks available in our stock forms the forklifts Linde. The material handling equipments made by Linde-mh are considered to be the superior products on the market with forklift trucks. Pallet trucks, stackers and counterbalance forklifts Linde are very popular because of the operating simplicity, reliability, low failure rate and highly effective use. Next to Linde Praha many smaller representatives provides services of Linde forklifts in the Czech Republic. In addition to Linde CZ we are one of the companies owning the diagnostic equipment for used Linde lift trucks.

Forklift trucks Jungheinrich

The German manufacturer of material handling equipment Jungheinrich AG Hamburg has become well-known on the Czech trade market with used forklifts. The main advantage of the brand Jungheinrich is a complex offer of material handling equipment, racking and storage systems. Because of the high quality of Jungheinrich lift trucks, there is a large number of counterbalance forklifts, stackers and pallet trucks Jungheinrich in our offer of the used handling equipment.

Other forklift trucks

In addition to worldwide known and favourite brands of material handling equipment we also provide a variety of forklifts made by other manufacturers like Ausa, Caterpillar, JCB, Mitsubishi, Manitou, Nissan, TCM, Clark, Hyster, Yale and others.

Forklift accessories

We provide the following accessories for material handling equipment and spare parts for the forklift trucks:

Forklift trucks Desta

We are also providing a wide range of material handling equipment of the Czech manufacturer Desta. Used Desta forklifts are still popular between the customers not only in the Czech Republic. Especially the rough terrain forklifts Desta DVHM 3522 TXK or Desta DVHM 3222 TMK are often sought for their irreplaceable driving characteristics in a hard terrain. It is very easy and cheap to find the spare parts for the used Desta lift trucks.

The accessories for the forklifts available on our internet shop are products of high-quality proven by the necessary documents.

We regularly compare the prices with our competitors, so that we provide goods of the best quality and for the lowest prices.

In case you need an advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We gladly help you with choice of the accessories. The contact persons are available on the websites and they readily give you advice to find the goods suitable to your needs.

Forklift rental and rents of material handling equipment

Půjčovna vzv (rental department) disposes of a big range of forklifts of different power units and capacities of 1,6 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons, 3,5 tons and higher, even of heavy duty forklifts with a capacity of 12 tons. Our fleet includes also rough terrain forklifts, platforms and pallet trucks.


  • Rough terrain forklifts AUSA and JCB rental, telescopic manipulators rental. Such fork trucks are intended for the use in extremely hard conditions.
  • Platform rental, rental of hinged platforms or scissor platforms of MEC or GENIE brands. The platforms are used for works in big heights of 10 metres and or higher.
  • Rental of stock equipment made for handling inside. Such equipments are pallet trucks, pallet stackers, reach trucks or order pickers.
  • Our websites provides a list of contact persons who make the search of used forklifts easy.
  • There are all necessary information on our websites there - forklifts details - lifting heights, overall heights, working hours, forklift condition, pictures as well as price list.