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Forklift comparison ?

Comparing forklifts is function, that can help you clarify, in which technical details are choosen forklifts differ. Thanks to this you can choose forklift exactly accourding to your needs.


    How to add forklift to comparison?In our forklift offer or in the detail of each item click on the button with icon of scales. Button is located next to the photo of the forklift under the technical specification. Icon after clicking fly to the upper part of the page and you can see number of all the forklifts for comparison in the heading of the page near the scale icon.How to quickly compare more forklifts?If you have in comparison at least 2 forklifts, you can hide identical specification details by clicking on icon called Show different parameters on the right overhead the list of machines. Only different parameters will be shown. The choice of the right forklift will be more easier.How to send inquiry to your contact person from the comparison?If you have choosen interesting forklifts in comparison, you can click on the button called Inquire all the forklifts, which is located under the forklift items. In the next step please fill in your contact details and message for the salesman. Our salesman will contact you soon.How to remove forklift from the comparison? Click on the colored cross next to the forklift number on the right. If you are in our offer of all the machines please click on the dark icon with scales by the relevant forklift.
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